GO MINI’S – The Choice for Local Moving & Storage

GO MINI’S is the answer if you are looking for an alternative to traditional moving and storage services.
Whether you’re moving locally or need temporary storage, GO MINI’S is low cost, easy to use, convenient and gives you the security of a strong, lockable moving or storage container. Plus, you don’t have to rent a truck to do-it-yourself!

When Do You Need a Go Mini’s?

  • Do-It-Yourself Local Moves: Low-cost alternative to full service moving!
  • Home Renovations or Repairs: For those times when you are remodeling or making repairs and would like to store your possessions on site
  • New Home Purchase: Unable to move directly into your newly purchased home? GO MINI’S can help relieve this headache!
  • Selling Your Home: Temporarily store excess furniture and belongings to help with the sale of your home

More Great Reasons to Use Go Mini’s

  • Guaranteed Low-Cost
  • Moving/Storage Pricing
  • Convenient On-Site Storage
  • 3 Convenient Sizes – 12′, 16′ and 20′ Lengths
  • No Truck Rental or Driving!
  • No Damp Concrete Floors
  • No Loading/Unloading Twice!
  • No Pest Infested Storage Facilities!
  • No Truck Deposits! No Loading Ramps!
  • No Guessing on Space!
  • No Worry Security Features!
  • No Gas & Mileage Charges!
  • No Time Constrained Rental Periods

Go Mini’s Features

Go Mini’s offers three container sizes to meet your various needs. Our popular 20 foot container offers 25% more storage capacity than the competitors’ largest units! The Go Mini is delivered to your home or business location. Once it is loaded and locked, simply call us to move it to your new location or we can securely store it for you at the Go Mini’s safe and secure warehouse.

Go Minis Features Storage Sizes

The Go Mini’s Difference

  • Locking Roll-Up Door:
    Securely store your possessions while providing easy access
  • 8” Loading Deck:
    No ramps required; easy loading / unloading yet eliminates casual water problems
  • Translucent Roof:
    Provides plenty of natural light inside the container
  • Casters:
    Provides maximum maneuverability of the container at your site
  • Vented:
    Reduces moisture and humidity that contribute to mold and mildew
  • Steel Construction:
    Welded frame with strong, secure steel siding
  • Sturdy Railings:
    Convenient for tie down straps and hanging clothes
  • No Sweating:
    Exterior siding coated with factory baked paint on galvanized steel to eliminate sweating and moisture
  • Moisture Resistant Floor:
    Sealed surface, pressure treated flooring